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Aliedad History

Aliedad history

Aliedad General Construction Company is the presence of several companies in the construction business. Founded in 1940 by the late Mr. Hussein A. Al-Mousawi, the original company was named, Hussein A. Al-Mousawi Co. for Construction. In the early years, the 28-year-old Al-Mousawi worked on residential projects in the private sector in Baghdad and surrounding areas. Through his hard work and dedication Al-Mousawi’s name soon became well-known as a name that stood for quality, integrity and innovation, a reputation that holds firm to this day.

One successful project led to many others, and the company prospered over the next twenty years. By the mid 1960’s, Hussein A. Al-Mousawi for Construction began realizing tremendous growth as the government sought out his company for a variety of projects. Specifically, during this time he was awarded a construction contract for improvements of the national parliament building in Baghdad, Iraq. Shortly thereafter, other contracts followed.

With tremendous growth, came additional work. As a result, Mr. Al-Mousawi enlisted the help of his eldest son Sabah. Mr. Sabah’s talent soon became evident as he sought out to implement new technologies that helped the company flourish.

When Mr. Sabah established his own company as Sabah Al-Mousawi General Construction Company, the quality of his work was quickly recognized. The company soon grew as it gained several contract awards. With growth, came inconceivable responsibility in terms of managing quality control. At the time, Mr. Sabah realized that it was important to maintain quality. To do so, meant having direct control and supervision over the materials used in his construction business. As a result, in the early 1970’s, Sabah Al-Mousawi General Construction Company established Al-Sabah Company as a plant for fabricating concrete blocks, concrete posts, concrete pipes, chain-link fences, and barbed wires. By establishing Al-Sabah Company under the Al-Mousawi name, Mr. Sabah succeeded in ensuring that Al-Mousawi standard of excellence in quality was maintained. Al-Sabah Company remains in place today and has proven to be an integral part of Al-Mousawi business as a member of “Al-Mousawi Group”.

In 2003 Mr. Sabah and his sons restructured the company by gathering all of Al-Mousawi family companies into one group, known as “Al-Mousawi Group.” In addition, they established a new name for the construction arm of the group and named it Aliedad for General Construction.

The success of our company comes from our family heritage which is rooted in family values, integrity and a commitment to excellence. With that in mind, our commitment is passed along to our clients as we successfully complete every project undertaken.