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Metal Services


Steel Structures

Aliedad is an accomplished company in the design and installation of steel structures such as hangers, portal frames and space frame structures. Unnumbered projects of steel structured have been carried by Aliedad all over Iraq, hot-rolled or pre-engineered steel structures are our specialty.

Previous Aliedad projects include:

•Portal Frame Hangers

•Multi span hangers

•Space trusses

•Space frames

•Multi purpose halls with wide spans reaching up to 60 m without intermediate columns

•Wide span pedestrian and public bridges

All types of cladding are employed such as corrugated sheets (single or double with rock wool fillings). Sandwich panels cladding with different thicknesses are also employed having injected polyurethane foam fillings. High rise steel structures are also designed and erected according to national and international standards. The design takes into consideration wind, seismic loads and the other relevant parameters. Decking systems are made up of secondary beams and decking with concrete hollow core slabs.

Steel Tanks

Aliedad is one of the specialized companies in the region as steel tanks manufacturers. We design according to (API 650), install and fabricate all types of steel welded or bolted tanks that serve the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater applications.

Aliedad design and fabricate custom storage tanks with wide range for crude oil, diesel, or kerosene, raw water, chlorinated water and wastewater with capacities ranging from 1000 m3 up to 25.000 m3.

Aliedad also deliver sandblasted coated and tested tanks according to international standards for different sizes.

Our staff of engineers in the design department, designs all types of steel tanks, fully planned, and detailed complete with shop drawings and deliver these shop drawings for fabrications. Right after obtaining client approval prior to fabrication.

Tanks are different in design, depending on type of stored fluid and the environment of tank site, we provide all sorts of roof types, such as:

- Supported cone roof: which is formed to approximately the surface of a right cone which is supported by either rafters on girders and columns or rafters on trusses with or without columns.

- Self-supporting cone roof: which is a roof formed to approximately the surface of a right cone supported only at the periphery. i.e. on the tank shell.

- Self-supporting dome roof: which is a roof formed to approximately a spherical surface supported only at the periphery.

- Self-supporting umbrella roof: which is a modified dome roof, so formed that any horizontal section is regular polygon with as many sides as there are roof plates and supported on the periphery.

Tanks are made out of steel plates. At Aliedad we select the materials carefully in accordance to standards such as: ASTM, ISO, DIN. Our welders working are tested; certified. Classified welders are nominated on each type of welding.

Ensuring job excellence is not an option; quality control staff guarantees the best design and fabrication for the tanks for post tank installation on sites, we carry out all the tests required by the API code to test the structure before starting the sand blasting and coating works. Some of these tests are:

- Straightness

- Curvatures

- Plumpness

- X- rays (radiographs)

- Vacuum testing

- Dimensional check

- Peaking

- Magnetic particle method

- Liquid penetration method

Not all steel tanks are alike; therefore we provide full solution for the tanks such as:

- Inlet system with its piping of different diameters and valves.

- Outlet system with its piping of different diameters and valves

- Recycle system

- Drain off system

- Flame arrestors

- Level indicators

- Temperature gauges

- Vents

- Fire fighting system

- Floating suction

- Spiral stairway

- Roof hand rail

- Cathodic protection system

- Lightning system

- Earthing system

- Control and instrumentation systems

-Safety system